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I hear the sound of my own voice
asking you to stay

for miraclesweek: the generation of miracles


The onceuponatime happy family of Akashi in my head :””D


Hi everyone!  (*ò∀ó*ノノ”チャ☆

We arrived safely from Kyoto 2 days ago! Thank you to Akashicchi for the hospitality! Had fun playing various games, watching many movies and had tons of laugh just chilling out with my friends. (n*ò∀ó*)η we decided not to go anywhere and just stayed at house since every public places would be crowded because of holiday. But that’s ok~  we had fun together anyway. It’s been a whileシャラッ( *ò◡<*)~☆

Let’s play again next time!! d(*òωó*)b


13 Day Taylor Swift Song Challenge 

1/13 - Favorite Song from ‘Taylor Swift’ album

Stay Beautiful

Cory’s Eyes. Radio Smile. Songs Into My Window. My Door. Rainy Day. Conversation Takes My Breath Away. Story That Never Gets Told. Daydream I’ll Never Get To Hold.